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In scouting

By Zach Wahls

Boy Scouts President Robert Gates Calls for End to BSA’s National Ban on Gay Adults

On 21, May 2015 | In scouting | By Zach Wahls

Dr. Robert Gates: “The Status Quo in Our Movement’s Membership Standards Cannot Be Sustained.”

Dr. Robert Gates: Boy Scouts Will Not Revoke Charters of Boy Scout Chapters That Do Not Enforce Ban on Gay Adults

Two Resolutions Concerning “Membership Standards” Referred to Executive Committee of BSA Executive Board for Further Review

Washington, D.C.—Today, Dr. Robert Gates, President of the Boy Scouts of America, called on the organization to end its ban on gay adults, stating that the “status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained,” in prepared remarks.

Dr. Gates went on to say that the BSA would not revoke the charters of Boy Scouts Councils that defied the organization’s ban on gay adults, explicitly mentioning the Denver Area Council and the Greater New York Council.

“This is another step forward for the Boy Scouts of America,” said Scouts for Equality executive director Zach Wahls. “I’m proud to see Dr. Gates chartering a course towards full equality in the BSA. While our work won’t be done until we see a full end to their ban on gay adults once and for all, today’s decision moves the Boy Scouts in that direction.”

Scouts for Equality has also confirmed that the BSA Resolutions Committee has referred two proposed resolutions requesting changes to the membership standards pertaining to adult gay leaders to the BSA’s Executive Committee, a standing leadership committee within the BSA’s Executive Board, the organization’s main governing body.

The BSA Resolutions Committee received 14 resolutions overall, and referred four to the Executive Committee, including two on membership standards. There are no votes on any resolutions at the business meeting this year.

“Dr. Gates has built his reputation on straight talk, and I’m glad he’s fully endorsing a re-evaluation of the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay adults,” continued Wahls. “It seems like the Boy Scouts will continue an internal dialogue about the subject and that a full vote within the next year or two is imminent.”



In scouting

By Zach Wahls

Thanks for the favorite, Cub Scouts!

On 27, Apr 2015 | In scouting | By Zach Wahls

From Twitter:


That was cool! Appreciate the encouragement, Cub Scouts!



In Campaign News
In the Press

By Zach Wahls

Scouts for Equality on the hiring of Pascal Tessier by New York Boy Scouts

On 02, Apr 2015 | In Campaign News, In the Press | By Zach Wahls

Today, as Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed News is reporting, the Greater New York Area Councils of the Boy Scouts of America confirmed that it has hired Pascal Tessier, an openly gay adult Eagle Scout and member of Scouts for Equality. The announcement suggests that the Boy Scouts of America is not enforcing its policy of prohibiting adult gay leaders from employment. In light of this, Zach Wahls, Executive Director of Scouts for Equality, issued the following statement:

This is a watershed moment. For the first time in the history of the Boy Scouts, an openly gay adult will join their ranks as a camp counselor. Pascal Tessier was the first out gay scout, and now it appears that he will also be the first out gay leader.

But if the Boy Scouts of America National Council steps in to force the Greater New York Councils to rescind their offer to hire Pascal, it will represent a boldfaced example of employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, which is illegal in New York State.

As the controversy swirling in Indiana, Arkansas, and elsewhere demonstrates, Americans are no longer willing to tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation. We affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and we expect our leaders–and future leaders–to do the same.

We are proud to see such an important Boy Scout council standing up for the full inclusion of gay members and affirming that the values and principles of scouting are important to all people regardless of sexual orientation or age. We are proud of them for living up to the full promise of Scouting. And we’re proud to be working with Pascal as he stands up for his rights as protected by law.

Please support our work by visiting:



In Campaign Events

By Justin Paul Wilson

Scouts for Equality Spring Gathering 2015

On 23, Feb 2015 | In Campaign Events | By Justin Paul Wilson

I’m thrilled to announce that this April, Scouts for Equality will be hosting our first-ever National Gathering for supporters of inclusive Scouting.

The gathering will take place on the weekend of Friday April 17 – Sunday April 19, in the Denver, Colorado metro area. Our registration is open, and you can sign up here on EventBrite.The weekend will be a fantastic opportunity for you to meet some of the key leaders of the movement, network with other like-minded individuals, and learn a lot about how you can effectively advocate for equality in the BSA. We’ll have educational sessions, working groups, featured speakers, and built-in recreation time.

YMCA of the RockiesYMCA of the Rockies

The venue–YMCA of the Rockies–will take care of all our food, lodging, and meeting space, and has plenty of recreation opportunities. Rooms are very similar to what you would find at a hotel. They feature two queen beds and a single floor futon mattress (maximum of 5 people per room), a private bath, free wireless internet, and linens and towels are included. All meals are provided in cafeteria dining rooms in buffet style.
On top of all this, it’s very affordable! For someone that is sharing a room with two other people, the total cost will be ~$200 plus travel expenses – and again, that covers the cost of your food, lodging, and the conference! For those that live locally, we also offer a “conference only, no lodging or meals” option for $125.

We’d really love to have you there. Hope to see you in Colorado.Yours in Inclusive Scouting,

Zacharia Wahls
Eagle Scout ’07
Executive Director



In Campaign News

By Zach Wahls

As Mormon Church Endorses Nationwide Employment Protections for LGBT Americans, Pressure Builds on Boy Scouts of America to End Gay Ban

On 27, Jan 2015 | In Campaign News | By Zach Wahls

Today, in response to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ announcement that it would support anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT employees, Scouts for Equality called on the Boy Scouts of America to end its decades-old ban on gay employees and adult members.It is deeply significant that the Mormon Church, a dominant voice in the American Scouting movement, is clarifying its position on LGBT rights just two weeks ahead of the BSA’s annual “Scout Sunday.”

“We’re optimistic that today’s announcement will demonstrate to the leadership of the Boy Scouts that their discriminatory policy of barring LGBT adults is out of step with people of faith all across the religious spectrum,” said Eagle Scout and Scouts for Equality co-founder Zach Wahls. “We hope that the Church communicates its values and expectations to the organizations it works with and supports, including the Boy Scouts of America, which should follow suit and end its long-standing ban on gay employees and adults.”

“This is not about gays versus God,” continued Wahls. The vast majority of Christian denominations including the Evangelical Lutheran Church Association, the Episcopal Church, the Catholic Church, and the United Church of Christ welcome LGBT worshippers as God’s children and many have endorsed some form of legal protections for LGBT Americans.

The Boy Scouts of America and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a long relationship. The Mormon Church is the only religious organization in the country to adopt the Scouting program as an official youth program. According to the Boy Scouts of America, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsors about 38,000 Scouting units and a total of 437,000 youth members nationwide.

“The Mormon Church enjoys a unique role in the Boy Scouts of America, and this decision could prove to be a watershed moment,” continued Wahls. “For years, the Mormon Church has stood in the way of progress for LGBT Americans, and we’re glad to see that they appear to be re-evaluating that position.”

In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America voted 62% to 38% to end its decades-old ban on gay youth, but left in place its ban on gay adults. The Mormon church praised that decision.



In Campaign News

By Zach Wahls

California Bans Judges From Boy Scouts Affiliation

On 25, Jan 2015 | In Campaign News | By Zach Wahls

California Bans Judges from Boy Scouts Affiliation

In a stunning development, California’s Supreme Court has unanimously decided to bar judges in California from participating as members of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) because of the BSA’s longtime ban on gay adults. Since 1996, the California Supreme Court has banned participation in organizations that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, but it had made an exception for nonprofit youth groups.

According to NBC News, an ethics advisory committee made in the recommendation in February of 2014 in order to bolster the public’s confidence in the state’s legal system.



In Campaign News

By Zach Wahls

AVAILABLE NOW: Presentation and FAQ from Tuesday’s strategy briefing

On 11, Sep 2014 | In Campaign News | By Zach Wahls

Tuesday night’s briefing was an unequivocal success, despite a few (inevitable!) technical difficulties.

We had hundreds of people watch live and are so glad to have your support. You can watch the briefing here:

You can find a PDF copy of the Powerpoint presentation we put together for Tuesday’s briefing here:

We also compiled many of the questions we received during the presentation into a FAQ document here:

As always, if you have any questions, please be in touch at




In Campaign News

By Zach Wahls

STREAMING LIVE — Strategy Briefing

On 09, Sep 2014 | In Campaign News | By Zach Wahls

Scouts for Equality hosts online strategy briefing

The briefing will start shortly after 9PM ET.

You can watch the Scouts for Equality strategy briefing, hosted by executive director Zach Wahls, using the Youtube video below. Questions can be submitted to



In Campaign News

By Zach Wahls

Boy Scouts President Announces Support for Gay Adults; Won’t re-open Debate

On 24, May 2014 | In Campaign News | By Zach Wahls

A Scout is Brave: Scouts for Equality Demands Robert Gates Leads by the Courage of His Convictions

Nashville, TN—Friday evening, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, an Eagle Scout, announced that he supports full inclusion of gay adults in the Boy Scouts, but that he is unwilling to re-open the debate over the controversial policy that prohibits gay adults (18 and over) from participating in Scouting. In response, Scouts for Equality called on Gates to abide by the Scout Law by being brave and leading with the courage of his convictions.

Gates’ announcement came during a speech following his formal election as President of the Boy Scouts.

In response to the statement from Gates, Zach Wahls, an Eagle Scout and Executive Director of Scouts for Equality, issued the following statement:

“We’re glad to have the support of Mr. Gates, and we hope now that he will do what all Eagle Scouts are charged to do: lead. His characterization of last year’s decision as ‘democratic’ is unfortunate and untrue, as the resolution limiting inclusion to only youth was crafted by a small, unelected committee more concerned with avoiding criticism than with following the principles of the Scout Oath and Law.”

“Mr. Gates expressed that he believes Scouting should be a place where youth should not fear being bullied or disrespected, but I don’t know how else you would characterize being told ‘you are unfit to continue Scouting after your eighteenth birthday.’”
“This is a cop out, and it tarnishes the legacy Mr. Gates has built as a leader who bridged cultural and political divides and led the military—and now the Boy Scouts—into the twenty-first century.”

“Knowing that he’s on our side—and the right side of history—makes us hopeful that he’ll turn away from the small cadre of culture warriors whose message of fear and division has led the Boy Scouts further and further from the American mainstream.”

In prepared remarks distributed to reporters, Gates is credited with saying:

Finally, let me address the membership issue, an issue that has left us divided, distracted and defensive. A year ago, this meeting saw a respectful and civil debate over membership policy. In a democratic process, a strong majority of the volunteer leadership of this movement from all across the nation voted to welcome gay youth into scouting. In all candor, I would have supported going further, as I did in opening the way for gays to serve in CIA and in the military.

That said, I accept the vote of a year ago, and I strongly support it. And, in its implementation, Scouting must provide a welcoming and safe environment for gay youth, a place where they can benefit from Scouting and not face bullying or disrespect.