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By Scouts for Equality

2012 Fall Voice of the Scout

On 22, Mar 2013 | In Campaign News | By Scouts for Equality

Over the last few weeks, we’ve all heard quite a bit about the new 2013 Voice of the Scout (VOS) survey, an internal poll run by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) that is used to gauge where its members stand on critical Scouting-related issues.

Today, new VOS documents uncovered by Scouts for Equality (SFE) show that more than 90% of 2012 VOS comments indicated that the BSA’s ban on gay youth and parents has harmed local Scouting units.


You can see the documents here:

In last year’s VOS, respondents were asked to leave comments about how the BSA’s reaffirmation of their ban on gay youth and parents affected the recipients local Scouting unit and their loyalty. Regardless of the individual’s thoughts on the ban, more than 90% of responders indicated that the reaffirmation of the ban had hurt their Scouting unit.


From the beginning, SFE has maintained that a policy of discrimination against gay youth and parents not only violates Scouting principles of mutual respect, but also threatens the future of the organization. If you love Scouting—as we do—we have only one clear path: a full end to the BSA’s ban on gay youth and parents.

If you haven’t yet, please sign on as a member of Scouts for Equality:

We’ve got a lot of work to do.

Yours in Scouting,

Zach Wahls
Eagle ’07
Executive Director
Scouts for Equality