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In scouting

By Zach Wahls

Boy Scouts President Robert Gates Calls for End to BSA’s National Ban on Gay Adults

On 21, May 2015 | In scouting | By Zach Wahls

Dr. Robert Gates: “The Status Quo in Our Movement’s Membership Standards Cannot Be Sustained.”

Dr. Robert Gates: Boy Scouts Will Not Revoke Charters of Boy Scout Chapters That Do Not Enforce Ban on Gay Adults

Two Resolutions Concerning “Membership Standards” Referred to Executive Committee of BSA Executive Board for Further Review

Washington, D.C.—Today, Dr. Robert Gates, President of the Boy Scouts of America, called on the organization to end its ban on gay adults, stating that the “status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained,” in prepared remarks.

Dr. Gates went on to say that the BSA would not revoke the charters of Boy Scouts Councils that defied the organization’s ban on gay adults, explicitly mentioning the Denver Area Council and the Greater New York Council.

“This is another step forward for the Boy Scouts of America,” said Scouts for Equality executive director Zach Wahls. “I’m proud to see Dr. Gates chartering a course towards full equality in the BSA. While our work won’t be done until we see a full end to their ban on gay adults once and for all, today’s decision moves the Boy Scouts in that direction.”

Scouts for Equality has also confirmed that the BSA Resolutions Committee has referred two proposed resolutions requesting changes to the membership standards pertaining to adult gay leaders to the BSA’s Executive Committee, a standing leadership committee within the BSA’s Executive Board, the organization’s main governing body.

The BSA Resolutions Committee received 14 resolutions overall, and referred four to the Executive Committee, including two on membership standards. There are no votes on any resolutions at the business meeting this year.

“Dr. Gates has built his reputation on straight talk, and I’m glad he’s fully endorsing a re-evaluation of the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay adults,” continued Wahls. “It seems like the Boy Scouts will continue an internal dialogue about the subject and that a full vote within the next year or two is imminent.”