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Help Us Grow Inclusive Scouting

Scouts for Equality spent three years leading a respectful, honest dialogue with current and former Scouts and Scout Leaders about ending the Boy Scouts of America’s discriminatory policy against LGB Scouters. On July 27, 2015, the dream of ending that ban was realized. However, our work is not yet done.

Winning an end to the BSA’s blanket ban on LGB youth and adults was never the sole goal of Scouts for Equality. Our long-term vision has always been of a strong and vibrant American Scouting movement. Now that the Boy Scouts of America has ended its blanket ban and welcomed girls, our work has shifted to protecting the gains we have secured, continuing to advance equality, and helping to grow Scouting. Conveniently, all three of these objectives can be met by pursuing a single strategic goal: building up and promoting inclusive Scouting. Please join us and help us rebuild this great cultural icon. With your help, we can show the world that the best days are yet to come for the Boy Scouts of America.