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Inclusive Units

The Boy Scouts have ended their ban on gay adults, but the work of the equality movement is far from over.

Note – Google will be making updates to their map tools over the course of 2019. Until they have released the new tools, you may notice this map loading very slowly. Please be patient – if you give it a few minutes it should load. We will be updating our site as quickly as possible once the new tools are released, which we anticipate resolving the slowness issue.

Individual units chartered by religious institutions can still discriminate against gay adults, while secularly chartered units must select leaders without regard to sexual orientation. However, there’s a monumental difference between a unit that begrudgingly accepts gay leaders and a unit that is openly and fully inclusive. In an effort to help families find the right unit for them, Scouts for Equality has set out to identify every inclusive unit in the BSA. Please help us by self-identifying as inclusive and/or participating in our Inclusive Unit Certification program.

Please keep in mind that this is a self-reported work in progress, and not every inclusive unit will be listed on this map. Also, we do not maintain data on whether a pack or troop accepts boys, girls, or all genders. This is maintained by the BSA. If you’d like to see which genders a unit accepts, or to search for all units in your area using the BSA’s tools, please visit the BSA’s BeAScout website.

How to Participate Sign up your Unit Contact Scouts for Equality

To contact a unit, visit their website and find their contact info. If the unit does not have a website, click on the colored background behind that unit, and you’ll see information on the BSA Council covering that area. Visit their website and contact them to obtain contact info for the unit.


Map Legend

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