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SFE Chapters

Scouts for Equality is creating local chapters which are being led by people like you!

Find a local chapter on the map below and connect with them via email or Facebook.
If there is no chapter in your area, please consider applying to create one with the form below the map.

What are SFE chapters, and what do they do?
Our chapters are independent organizations licensed to use SFE materials and resources, organized within the various states in order to support the mission and values of SFE. They’re organized into three regions and supported by a team of national-level volunteers, who provide direction and resources for the chapters. Joining or starting a chapter is a great way to network with other SFE supporters across the country and actively help to build up and support the growth of inclusive Scouting. Although youth are welcome to participate in chapters, our chapters are grassroots advocacy organizations – not an alternative to Scouting programs for youth.

Our chapters primarily focus on three goals: working to get more units to sign up on our Inclusive Unit Map, encourage organizations to start new inclusive units, and serve as a watchdog to ensure the new membership policies are being adhered to.

Want to organize your community to support inclusive Scouting? Start an SFE chapter today.

If you are interested in leading a SFE Chapter, please fill out the form below.