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Building Capacity for Diversity

We’re very excited to be teaming up with the Spirit of Adventure Council to build their capacity for growing inclusive Scouting in the Boston area.

They’re working extremely hard to grow inclusive Scouting, and we couldn’t be more proud. This is the end product that we’ve been fighting for all along. We’ve always said that we would support inclusive Scouting once we saw it happening, and now we hope to make good on that promise. Please join us!

You can join the team by creating a GoFundMe page and asking your friends and family to help you reach your goal. Simply follow the instructions below.

Or donate directly to the GoFundMe page created by Scouts for Equality!

Remember, email us at to let us know you’re creating a page! Our board, along with a few anonymous donors, are matching the first $6,000 raised by SFE supporters this year. But we can’t match your donations if we don’t know about your page!


How to Host a GO FUND ME page in support of Capacity Building for the Boston Scouts Diversity Initiative

The go fund me wizard is EASY! And the email provides everything you’ll need. The announcement about the policy change for girls is very exciting, and with your help, we will ensure that we leverage this exciting announcement and the previous policy announcements to truly embrace and serve all families.

If you have ANY Questions about the Go Fund Me process please contact Mariama Sano 617.615.0004 or

Step 1. Write and plan out your appeal. A few paragraphs is all that’s needed. Use the GoFundMe page created by SFE as a draft and follow these simple steps

  1. Your background.
  2. This is a partnership between SFE and the Spirit of Adventure Council. We are supporting that council because they are an exemplar within the Scouting community and endeavoring to embrace diversity and unlock Scouting for all families.
  3. How the reader can help.
  4. Ask them to contribute / leave suggestions with their contribution in the comment section / sign up to volunteer on one of the diversity days (see calendar).

Step 2. Gather a few pictures. You can use any of them from this page, anything from the SFE Facebook page, or feel free to use your own!

Step 3. Once you have your narrative and your photos you are ready to go! Visit this site And type in

Spirit of Adventure, BSA

Step 4. Follow the set-up wizard through Go Fund Me. You’ll upload the pictures, and your narrative. Please consider including these links to help validate the credibility of our efforts to date, and the council’s commitment to diversity.

Step 5. The wizard will ask you to set a goal. That’s sincerely your call, we anticipate each Go Fund Me page will raise about $1,500. (some will be much more – others a little less). The amount is secondary to showcasing the commitment to embracing diversity. So please feel free to set your dollar amount. Collectively the council is hoping to raise about $50,000 in support of diversity in Scouting.